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  • Recording session
  • Skype Lessons

Percussion recorded in the studio and send via web

Now you can have the percussion parts recorded by Luca Mattioni in private studio.

The audio tracks will then be sent via the Internet.

Online percussion lessons with the Skype software!

Thanks to the program Skype and an internet connection you can learn to play percussion with personal lessons online from the comfort of your own home!

Luca Mattioni - Curriculum-vitae musicale

photo of the curriculum vitae of the musical percussionist luca mattioni Luca Mattioni was born in Chiaravalle (AN) on 18/08/1977. In 1994 he began his study of Afro-Cuban percussion with Amedeo Griffoni, musician of great experience in the Cuban culture

In the following years took part in several seminars with Gilson Silveira, Kal Dos Santos...