Percussion lessons with the teacher Luca Mattioni

The musician Luke Mattioni place since 2000 a busy teaching schedule, treating the
particular the teaching of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian percussion and cultures
music of their respective countries of origin, also devoted himself to the application of
various instruments in the field of pop-funk-soul-jazz.

Individual percussion lessons in the province of Ancona (Marche, Italy)

The master Luca Mattioni holds lessons for percussion.
He teaches at her own studio which is located in Camerata Picena (Ancona).
In addition to private teaching, carries on business in the major teaching
music schools in the province:

  • Music Institut "G.B.Pergolesi" – Jesi (AN) - Italy
  • Music Academy of Ancona (Italy)
  • Music School "ARS MUSICA" – Chiaravalle (AN) - Italy
  • Music Institut "ARTE E MUSICA" – Falconara (AN) -Italy

Group lessons in brazilian percussion (street-band)

For those interested Luca also takes courses group of Brazilian music in the following locations:

  • Circolo "Leopardi" – Falconara (AN) - Italy – "MAO BRANCA street band"
  • Gym elementary schools – Monte San Giusto (MC) "PATA PATA CLOWN street band"
  • Stabile "ex ospedale" di Ostra (AN) "MAO BRANCA street band" (sezione Ostra)
  • CSA "Grotta Rossa" - Rimini (Italy) - "BANDA PIPOCA street band"


Do you want to learn to play the percussions but do not have the time and opportunity to enroll in an institute specialized music?
Here is the solution for you!

You can safely take lessons directly to your home, wherever you are,
avoiding loss of time in reaching a music school, often to avoid parking
fee and additional travel expenses.

The operation is simple: you need to have a pc, a good webcam
or alternatively a camcorder using it as if it were a webcam connected
to your computer's audio quality is even better) and an internet connection.

With percussion lessons online with Skype you will have the
opportunity to learn to play effectively through a simple,
step by step, through live lectures, followed by Luca in person
just like you would at home.